Wednesday, January 23, 2008


To: Joel, Daniel, Natalie, Tracey, Johnevan and Ah Kimz

Hi, dear students.

I am sorry to inform you that today is your last lesson, we will have a long break and class will resume again on 23 March, this is because of Chinese New Year and my involvement in a live recording project.

Meanwhile, I have some drum assignments for you during your 9-weeks break. While completing each assignment heartily, I strongly encourage you practice 30mins daily at home and practice 30mins weekly with a real drum set.

These are your assignments:

1) Memorise all 10 fill ideas on page 43 of the text book

2) Practice 16th-note hi-hat grooves on pg. 48-49 of the text book,

achieve tempo of 80 bpm

3) Learn something new on your own (new drum grooves, new fill-ins),

show me at least 5 of them on 23 March

4) Practice paradiddles (pg. 61), achieve minimum tempo of 80 bpm

5) Listen to all the songs in this CD until you are familiar with how the

drummers play

6) Plan out how and what to play for Track 1 of the CD and write the notation

(neatly) for it in the manuscript.

Make it sound as beautiful as possible.

*Note: There are approximately 22-28 systems (88-112 bars) for the whole song.

There will be an extra bar at the end of the 18th system.

I will check your manuscript and help to make some changes someday in February. On 23 March, you are required to play out what you have written, and also sing while you play.

I hope these assignments will spur you on to play drums excellently for God! =)

Till then, keep listening and practicing...

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